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TENCEL® – Number One for Children’s Skin

TENCEL® is the perfect fiber for children’s sensitive skin. Tests have shown that when children with sensitive skin wear textiles of TENCEL® there is a significant improvement in their well-being. The exceptionally smooth fiber surface of TENCEL® is found to be extremely pleasant on the skin. In addition, the chemicals in the fiber play a role when it comes to sensitive skin. TENCEL® is naturally pure and not burdened with chemicals.

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AD RescueWear – Anti-Itch TENCEL® Garments for Children With Eczema

FB_eczemaAD RescueWear manufactures a complete line of innovative Wrap-E-Soothe anti-itch undergarments using TENCEL® for wet and dry wrap therapy for children with eczema. Eczema is the most common chronic skin disorder in infants and children world-wide.  The product line includes the Wrap-E-Soothe Suit, Wrap-E-Soothe Tops and Pants and Wrap-E-Soothe Sleeves. AD RescueWear uses certified TENCEL® for their products because the fiber has many beneficial attributes for eczema and wet and dry wrap therapy. TENCEL® is one of the softest fabrics available. The soft and smooth feel of the fabric makes the wet and dry wrap therapy comfortable and enjoyable for the child, which was not the case with the traditional process of using regular cotton clothing or traditional gauze. In addition the excellent thermo-regulating and moisture management properties which inhibit the growth of bacteria on the fabric are wonderful qualities for eczema clothing and wraps.



ALVI Baby Sleeping Bag Maexchen TENCEL® for the Summer

alviBoth the inner and the outer bag are made of skin-friendly TENCEL®. The fiber´s tiny fibrils guarantee perfect moisture management. Soft as silk, cooling as linen, 100% organic.



Swiss based Lyocell/Baby Underwear Awarded with „Swiss Allergy-Quality Label“

tencelgeneralnew1„Kuli-Muli baby underwear made from Lyocell“ product-line by Swiss based company „Kuli Muli“ has been awarded with the „Swiss Allergy-Quality Label“. The product line was subject to diligent scrutiny and was found free from allergenic particles, before it now became certificated. The skin-sensitive and skin-relaxing effect of Kuli Muli Lyocell underwear  has been broadly confirmed by people with sensitive skin and skin irritations.


ZEWI TENCEL® Baby-Sleeping Bag

tencelgeneralnew1The ZEWI TENCEL® Baby-Sleeping Bag / ciel 74/80 helps to achieve perfect sleeping comfort for your baby. It blocks electrostatic charges and protects your baby from heat accumulation. TENCEL® used 100% for the surface as well as for the inner lining; 70% for the filling eases itching in the case of atopic dermatitis and skin rashes. Seen on:



Puckababy The Original® Piep TENCEL® White

tencelgeneralnew1Puckababy The Original® Piep baby-sleeping bag, TENCEL® White: a perfect baby-sleeping bag for a healthy sleep and sweet dreams. The sleeping bag helps your baby through a calm night without any disturbances. Seen on:



Optimum Care with Lenzing Fibers

Wet wipes of Lenzing fibers are very consumer-friendly and adjust to the needs of the consumers. 
They keep the moisture in the inside of the fiber and spaced in between and this leads to the optimum distribution of the moisture. Softness and the avoidance of skin irritations are a prerequisite for baby wet wipes. New borns, infants and toddlers often react with skin rashes to chemical substances. “Optimum hygiene starts with the purity and quality of the raw materials. Thus Lenzing attaches importance to the purity of the fiber. Continuously performed in-house and external tests guarantee the very highest quality standards for end consumers,” Elisabeth Stanger, BD Director of Hygiene, emphasizes.

AD RescueWear Fabric Video

adrescueFBAD RescueWear Fabric Video: See why our fabric is superior for sensitive skin.


Baby-Maexchen Sleeping Bag System TENCEL®-Jersey

Baby- Maexchen Sleeping Bag System “Baby-Maexchen®” TENCEL®-Jersey, seen on:



Healthy Sleep For Babies / beBella Vital

Various baby-apparel and bedwear products made from TENCEL®: Eco- and skin-friendly products made from TENCEL® are ideal for babies. Seen on: