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Textilegence Magazine Interview With Lenzing CCO Robert Van De Kerkhof

FB_textilegenceTurkish Online Textile-magazine Textilegence interviewed Lenzing CCO Robert Van De Kerkhof on how Lenzing did in 2014 and where Lenzing fibers will go in the nearby future. This interview was made during „Experience TENCEL® Goes Istanbul“!

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Interview With Eco-Fashion Pioneer Marci Zaroff: TENCEL® Instead of Bamboo

In an interview for Messe Frankfurt, Eco-Fashion pioneer Marci Zaroff names TENCEL®/ECOlyptus amongst other innovative and eco-friendly fibers as one of the most interesting influences on eco-fashion. Besides she recommends the industry to work more with fibers such as certified organic cotton and TENCEL® instead of bamboo or rayon.

Link to Interview (only German)


In Touch With You

Presenting today: „In Touch With You“, a platform for designers provided by Lenzing: This platform is actually not managed by Lenzing, but by the subscribing designers themselves. “In touch with” offers designers the opportunity to present their products made of Lenzing fibers – and it is definitely worth a look!


Social and Community Involvement

In its charitable and sponsoring activities, the Lenzing Group expresses a clear commitment to long-term partnerships and continuity.

Once an agreement is made, the Lenzing Group makes sure that its partners can rely on its support. In return, Lenzing expects the money it donates to be used for the intended purpose and as effectively as possible so the support really arrives where it is needed. Lenzing follows a clear-cut course in these activities. Financial assistance is supposed to benefit a community; individuals are given aid only in exceptional cases. Lenzing does not support political parties or political clubs or organizations with ethically inacceptable values or unclear goals either directly or indirectly. At least EUR 500,000 is spent annually on donations and sponsoring. The Group’s social and community involvement is geared to the regional and cultural conditions on-site.


Istanbul Fashion Conference

Let us kindly invite you to visit us at Istanbul Fashion Conference, May 09th – 10th, 2013, Shangri – La Hotel, Sinanpaşa Mah, Hayrettin Iskelesi Sok, No.1, Beşiktaş, Istanbul. There will be a presentation: Lenzing Fibers – Sustainable Solutions for the Apparel Business by Peter Bartsch on May 09th 12:00 – 12:30. General information abotu the conference:

Lenzing´s Sustainability Report – Renewable Raw Materials

Renewable raw materials are the industrial future of the fiber industry. Our fiber products are part of the natural cellulose cycle. One outstanding trait of our products is that they are highly compostable. The wood or pulp for our cellulose fiber products stems largely from sustainably managed sources. We therefore know the origins of our key forests and plantations and their methods of production. The importance of cellulose fibers on the world market is growing because consumers increasingly value products manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

Video: Texworld USA – How to Start a Fashion Company

Video: Texworld USA – How to Start a Fashion Company. Find it on:


Lenzing at IDEA13: Green Solutions for Hygiene Products

Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. However, hardly anyone is willing to do without comfort and convenience. Lenzing offers sustainable solutions on a global scale with fibers made of the renewable raw material wood.

Companies from the worldwide nonwovens industry will gather at the IDEA trade show in Miami, USA from April 23-25, 2013. During its appearance at this year’s trade show, Lenzing will focus on the hygiene segment. Thanks to their botanic origin, Lenzing fibers are the ideal raw material for sustainable products with a positive impact on future generations, particularly for sensitive applications with direct skin contact. Lenzing will emphasis TENCEL® and especially the new hydrophobic fiber TENCEL®Biosoft for hygiene applications.


„In Touch With“ Webpage

“In touch with” serves as a platform for designers and is not managed by Lenzing. “In touch with” offers designers the opportunity to present their products made of Lenzing fibers. The content is designed by designers themselves.


Moulin Vert/Green Mill – Garment Development with Highly Social Profile

French company Moulin Vert/Green Mill is a non-for-profit organisation which mainly hires employees with a reduced mobility who were trained for garment making. They have created a concept based on ecology, well-being and and have a patent for the garment design called Chrysalys. They will now target all of the hospitals in France as well as some very specialised babywear retailers. The fabric used is 100% Tencel® from Greuter Jersey and is certified Oekotex class 1, a kind of terry fabric.