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MITSA / Lenzing FR® Awarded With Future Materials Award 2014 by ITMA

FB_ItmaThe Spanish specialists for laminates, MITSA, were awarded the Future Materials Award 2014 by ITMA for their Dermofresh FR product, combining a Lenzing FR® and TENCEL® surface and the company´s special Dermofresh membrane. This special product is perfectly suited to protect beds and cushions in hospitals and hotels and is also in use on cargo-vessels, oil platforms and in military applications.

The award-winning fire-resistant and waterproof product is produced 100% in Europe and is Eco-Tex-certified.

Sources: Textile Network,

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Happy Chinese New Year!

tencelgeneralnew1jpgWe wish you all a Happy (Chinese) New Year, the „Year of the Goat/Sheep“ 2015! The Chinese calendar predicts a year of solid growth and harmony. And this is what the Lenzing Fibers team wish you all!

我们 给 你们 拜年!


„50 Shades of MicroModal®“ – Zimmerli Boxer-Shorts in 50 Shades of Grey

FB_shadesofgreyChristian Grey wears Zimmerli MicroModal® boxer shorts in „50 Shades of Grey“: Right in the first „tingly“ scene of „50 Shades of Grey” a „special star rules the scene“: A „186 Piqué Como Pant“ boxer shorts from Swiss underwear-producer Zimmerli made from MicroModal® can be seen. „It just felt right“, quote from Mark Bridges, costume designer of „50 Shades of Grey“.

Link to Zimmerli Press Release (German only)


COOLMAX® Fabric With TENCEL®: INVISTA And Lenzing Announce Collaboration

FB_TENCEL® in denimINVISTA and Lenzing announce their latest collaboration: INVISTA, owner of the COOLMAX® brand, and LENZING, owner of the TENCEL® brand, are pleased to announce a second innovative collaboration in denim – COOLMAX® fabric blended with TENCEL® fiber. The two companies gave a joint presentation on this new development on November 20th at the Denim by Première Vision show in Barcelona.

In recognition of the growing trend toward athleisure wear, INVISTA and Lenzing have been working on the development and promotion of this innovative new denim concept that will provide wearers with a cool dry comfort, softness, and sustainability – all in one fabric. 
The two fiber companies began working together in 2013 when they announced the results of a study on the benefits of combining Lenzing’s TENCEL® fibre with INVISTA’s dualFX® technology by LYCRA® brand. Now, by extending that collaboration to new fiber blends, the companies are aiming to leverage their strengths in performance, fashion and sustainability to bring a unique offering to the women’s denim market.

“Recent studies by INVISTA confirm that women are looking for more performance attributes in their clothing as well as aesthetic features such as a soft hand. COOLMAX® fabrics blended with TENCEL® meet both of these needs as well as providing consumers with a sustainable option.”, says Jean Hegedus, INVISTA’s Marketing Director for Denim.



World’s Largest TENCEL® Factory Opens its Doors

FB_Lenzing Press Conference_Paris_16.09The new TENCEL® factory, the most modern fiber plant in the world, went into operation after just 24 months of construction work, demonstrating Lenzings´ innovative strength on an industrial scale.

With investment costs totaling € 150 million, the construction of the plant in Lenzing, Austria went according to plan both financially and in terms of the time. The plant is fully operational and running at full capacity.

In terms of ecology and innovative strength, TENCEL® represents a milestone. A plethora of textile applications has been derived from the new generation of fibers, from Activewear to denim and shirting. “This season in particular we are very excited about knitwear developments. Until now woven products of TENCEL® were chiefly promoted. However, new finishing processes and special TENCEL® fibers for knitwear applications lead us to perceive tremendous potential in the fashion knitwear segment. Here too TENCEL® can provide an added value when it comes to the quality. Thanks to its bright colors and more attractive appearance, TENCEL® will set a new standard in this sector,” Robert van de Kerkhof, CCO at Lenzing, explains.


TENCEL® Nominated for ITMA Future Materials Awards 2014 Twice!

itmaFBTENCEL® has been nominated twice for ITMA Future Materials Awards 2014 happening in Dresden, Germany, on November 26th. The categories TENCEL® has been nominated for are: „Most Innovative Large-Sized Company“ for its TechTex general concept and „Best Innovation – Sustainable textiles product“ – Packaging textiles.

Kingpins Founder Andrew Olah Talks the State of Denim

tencelgeneralnew1Asked by Sourcing Journal Online in a recent interview about the new techniques, fabrics and washes making noise at Kingpins, Kingpins founder, Andrew Olah, names TENCEL® and Lenzing Modal®. Find the full interview here:

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Expo Tex on Facebook

expoFBpicExpo Tex, our #1 textile online exhibition platform for textile networking, can also be found on Facebook: Why not „jump on board“? On:

Link to Expo-Tex on Facebook


Encounter of the Weaving Looms – Crossing Fashion Sri Lanka

crossfashIn the upcoming week, the film „Encounter of the Weaving Looms – Crossing Fashion Sri Lanka“ will have its premiere at Schubert-Kino, Graz, Austria. The film is about three young Austrian fashion designers on their search for high quality fibers and inspirations in Sri Lanka. In their bags: samples of TENCEL®. Young sustainable fashion design meets traditional artisanry. Find here a video-trailer of the movie.

Trailer Video (German)


Pima Cotton: Are You Getting the Real Thing?

tencelgeneralnew1In increasingly desperate attempts to maximize profits, some spinners and fabric manufacturers are taking advantage of uninformed buyers. What can you do to protect your brand and your customers? What steps should you take? How can you keep your supply chain honest and avoid doing business with companies you cannot trust? The attached link may help you further.

Are You Getting The Real Thing?