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„Silkland“/ Blog on Bedwear Made from TENCEL®

tencelgeneralnew1A nice blog-article (unfortunately only available in German) calling bedwear made from TENCEL® an „all-rounder“, found on their blog (find the link below). The article specifically lists the spectacular fiber-characteristics of cellulose-fibers such as TENCEL® mentioning that they perfectly regulate the sleeping-climate.

Link to blog-article


Tecoya Fibers & Yarns, Mumbai

tencelgeneralnew1Let us kindly invite you to visit us at Tecoya Fibers & Yarns, Mumbai, April 10th – 12th 2014. See us at Tecoya Fibers & Yarns.

INDEX, Geneva, Switzerland, April 8th-11th.

indexgenevaFBLet us kindly invite you to visit us at INDEX, Geneva, Switzerland, April 8th-11th. Meet us at INDEX at booth no. 2319 to 
experience TENCEL® for naturally clean skin.

for naturally clean skin: TENCEL® is the perfect solution for naturally clean skin. The fiber is made of wood and is, therefore, of natural origin. TENCEL® nourishes the skin due to the fiber’s smooth surface. Its absorbency and compatibility with lotions make TENCEL® the ideal choice for wipes, facial masks and hygiene products.


MILCH at Modepalast Linz

Vienna based fashion label MILCH (we presented them with their fashion project to „upcycle“ used TENCEL® shirts into new fashion) presented themselves last weekend at Modepalast Linz/Austria / April 4th-6th at Kulturquartier OK-Platz. Andreas Guertler and Christina Kreuzwieser from Lenzing made use of this opportunity to go there and get some impressions with them.

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ZEWI TENCEL® Baby-Sleeping Bag

tencelgeneralnew1The ZEWI TENCEL® Baby-Sleeping Bag / ciel 74/80 helps to achieve perfect sleeping comfort for your baby. It blocks electrostatic charges and protects your baby from heat accumulation. TENCEL® used 100% for the surface as well as for the inner lining; 70% for the filling eases itching in the case of atopic dermatitis and skin rashes. Seen on:



Puckababy The Original® Piep TENCEL® White

tencelgeneralnew1Puckababy The Original® Piep baby-sleeping bag, TENCEL® White: a perfect baby-sleeping bag for a healthy sleep and sweet dreams. The sleeping bag helps your baby through a calm night without any disturbances. Seen on:



Review XPOTEX Ecuador

FB_xpo_01Brief review on XPOTEX Ecuador, Quito, March 12th-14th.: Many people attending the conference regarding spring summer trends 2014 were interested in the cotton TENCEL® connection, amongst them designers and other company owners. Some of the spinning mills interested in TENCEL® are Govaira and Delltex, Pintex. Lenzing Modal® textiles found „their fans“ amongst Mar y Sol and Single Jersey.

Pictures from XPOTEX, Ecuador

Pictures from XPOTEX, Ecuador, happening from March 12th – 14th in Quito, Ecuador, Centro de Exposiciones.

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Baukongress, Vienna

baukongress_FBLet us kindly invite you to visit us at Baukongress, Vienna from April 3rd-4th in Vienna, Austria. Experience all the advantages of TENCEL® in concrete applications and visit our fair booth: Baukongress Vienna Booth No. 46.

TENCEL® – the botanic concrete fiber: TENCEL® fibers have a high chemical resistance and in concrete they exhibit a very good workability and intermixing due to the smooth surface. The cellulose fiber TENCEL® is made out of wood. The EU awarded the production process with the European Award for the environment due to its eco-friendliness. TENCEL® ensures: 
- improved concrete characteristics 
 – simple dosage 
 – homogenous fiber distribution 
 – improved stability 
 – the reduction of shrinkage cracks.


More Photo Impressions from Texbridge, Istanbul

Texbridge Istanbul is still going on until tomorrow. Why not visit us at our fair booth and experience the natural easy care effect of TENCEL®? Hall 1 D14. …and this is what you can find there…

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