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baumann dekor Brings TENCEL® on Your Sofa

tencelgeneralnew1Austrian weaving mill baumann dekor is processing TENCEL® in their furniture and decoration fibers in cooperation with Lenzing AG. With their first TENCEL® collection PURE they combine the outstanding fiber characteristics of TENCEL® in terms of the visual appearance and feel of the surface with sustainability and environmental protection.


Munich Fabric Start

mfsFBLet us kindly invite you to visit us at Munich Fabric Start, 3 – 6 February 2014 in Munich/Germany, International Fabric Trade Fair. Our topics will be TENCEL® Denim and Miicro Modal®. You will find us at Münchner Order Center M,O,C & Zenith Halle, Lilienthalallee 40 & 29, Munich. An event/lecture will be held on: Monday, Feb 4th.

Lenzing and Munich Fabric Start presents for the 6th time a joint cooperation at the upcoming MFS. Lenzing will highlight exhibiting Lenzing Modal®, Micro Modal® and TENCEL® partners. Lenzing Modal®, Micro Modal® and TENCEL® fabric trend tables: MFS will present a nice selection of Lenzing Modal®, Micro Modal® and TENCEL® reference fabrics from exhibiting partners.



Kingpins Denim Show, New York

tencelgeneralnew1Let us kindly invite you to visit us at Kingpins Denim Show, New York, happening from tomorrow January 21st-22nd 2014. NEW LOCATION: The Tunnel (269 11th Avenue (between 27th St. & 28th St.) New York, NY.

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Denim Special

tencelgeneralnew1Approximately 10% of the cotton produced worldwide is used for denim.

The ecological impact of cotton is well known. TENCEL® on the other hand improves the environmental footprint of denim jeans since its production process is more considerate of land and water resources. The addition of TENCEL® to jeans fabrics improves the eco balance of jeans quite significantly. Companies such as Textil Santanderina, Dystar, Tejidos Royo, Invista, Twin Dragon and many more are very positive about using TENCEL® as a denim partner!


TENCEL® Used in Furniture Fabrics

The year 2014 started in the home textile division with the Heimtextil trade show in Frankfurt.

TENCEL® furniture fabrics were presented there. The upholstery fabrics are less prone to electrostatic charging and can be washed in the washing machine at home. At the press conference, the first TENCEL® sofas were tested.


Innovation Show, Mumbai

Let us kindly invite you to visit us at Innovation Show, Mumbai, January 16th-18th Mumbai, India.

TENCEL® in Bed Linens

TENCEL® in bed linens – the focus on marketing activities for home textiles in 2014: The bed linens’ segment will be further expanded in 2014. Global promotion activities were started at Heimtextil 2014 in Frankfurt.

Sensuality On the Skin

The most sensual application for TENCEL® in beds is bedlinen, as it is in direct touch with your skin taking care that you sleep well and feel good. Bedlinen-dreams are made of TENCEL®: Sensuality and well-being all in one.

Gwen Stefani Offers New Take on Pants with TENCEL®

The musical style icon and denim guru Michael Glasser have teamed up to create DWP, a nondenim line for casual clothes with a chic attitude., says WWD / Women´s Wear Daily on their page.

The key to DWP is the pants: a slouchy, slightly tapered, cropped trouser (reminiscent of a silhouette Stefani has long favored) made of TENCEL®. The results are soft, lightweight and drapy, with asymmetric zip-flies and cuffs that can be worn rolled up or down.

Named the Gwen, Drew and Leah, the treated TENCEL®s mimic black leather, brushed silk or broken-in denim (there is actually one style made from ultrathin, light blue denim). Stefani’s influence is evident in the camouflage and snake-print versions, patterns that extend to the tops: high-low tanks, motorcycle vests and cropped T-shirt styles also made from TENCEL®.

Said Stefani: “I’ve been spoiled being in the fashion business. My son will be like, ‘Mommy, 20 new pairs of shoes came today. How come?’ Because I’m always telling him it’s not normal to have 20 pairs of tennis shoes to try on before school. People have like one or two. But at our house,” she laughs, “you have access to all these clothes from all your lines. It’s like my dream, and a lot of it is stuff I actually dreamed up. But I’m always still missing those pieces and it’s so annoying, and I don’t mean to be greedy, but it’s the same with everyone. I’m like, ‘OK, am I really going to wear that again?’ So this is about trying to find that piece that is super wearable but you still feel cool in it. I was trying to get all the basics. Michael nailed the bottoms.”

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Video: B-SENSIBLE TENCEL®. The best watertight and breathable protection.

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