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TENCEL® Got Talent

„TENCEL® Got Talent“ – with this motto Lenzing AG had invited more than 200 international clients to a 2 day event and seminar at the event hotel Scalaria in scenic St. Wolfgang/Austria. At a previous casting, the company´s employees had been asked to present their personal show-skills; the best were invited to perform in St. Wolfgang. Singing, dancing, painting and with many other skills, Lenzing´s employees obviously train in their spare-time, they surprised not only the thrilled audience but also many of their colleagues and the jury – as e.g. the winners of „TENCEL® Talent 2013“, the „Airtrack-Team“ with its12 „dancing stars“.



Chilling Moments With TENCEL®

TENCEL® is successfully used in upholstery fabrics.

In this special application, the fiber ensures a botanic feeling of well-being. A silky feel to the fabrics coupled with an elegant sheen and bright colors allow TENCEL® to transform a living room into a personal chill-out lounge for the entire family.


TENCELePower – Solution for Sustainable Dual Light Condenser Applications

The fourth European Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) will take place in Strasbourg/France from June 24th to June 28th. Lenzing’s naturally absorbent wood/Pulp-made fibers are ideal for various  technical applications. So Lenzing will present their newest innovation TENCELePower, a sustainable solution for the energy market as well as presenting solutions for improving the efficiency of electro-separators.

Lenzing MicroModal® – Finest Fibers For the Finest Fabrics

For the first time, Lenzing succeeded in manufacturing a modal fiber with a titer of 1.0 dtex thanks to the development of a new type of spinneret.

This new “MicroModal“ fiber is one of the finest cellulose fibers in the world, and is firmly established as a fiber used in the production of high quality lingerie.


Sustainability Award for Lenzing in Frankfurt

Right in time as Lenzing celebrates ist 75th anniversary we received the sustainabiliy award for human-ecologically optimised textiles and sustainable production in Frankfurt on June 12th.

TENCEL® – the Comfort Fiber

TENCEL® offers all the properties needed for individual comfort.

It is naturally pleasant next to the skin as a result of its perfect moisture management, good breathability, and softness. All of these parameters stand for comfort in textiles. Add the individual cut of the jeans to this and TENCEL® Jeans become a ”must have” for discerning customers. The case study proves (picture on the left) that TENCEL® offers the better performance. Compared to other fibers, TENCEL® has a superior drape and sheen.


Japan Lenzing Fibers Denim & Jeanswear – Shirts & Dress 2013

actuel select “TENCEL Blouse”

75 Years of Lenzing – 75 Years of Innovation – A World Market Leader Celebrates its Birthday

This week Lenzing AG is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its business operations together with 3,000 invited guests – employees, customers, business companions, politicians and partners.

Several decades ago there were more than 30 viscose fiber production plants in Europe. Today there are only two, one of which is the headquarters of the internationally operating Lenzing Group. The Austrian company has emerged as a global player as well as the market and technology leader for man-made cellulose fibers. Lenzing fibers were once a cheap substitute for cotton. In the meantime, they are highly sought-after premium products which are valued due to the renewable raw material of wood and the environmentally-compatible production process.

Thanks to its innovative strength, Lenzing has helped the more than 100-year-old viscose technology to reach new heights. Ultimately innovations to minimize the environmental burden of the production process have made Lenzing the best practice model in the industry. At the same time the company developed TENCEL®, a completely new and forward-looking technology which will shape the cellulose fiber industry in the coming decades.

75 years ago Lenzing manufactured 30,000 tons of fibers per year – today, the Group will soon reach a level of 900,000 tons.

Japan Lenzing Fibers Denim & Jeanswear – Shirts & Dresses 2013


„Natural Beauty: TENCEL® Shirt Finni”

A very positive response to TENCEL® denim-shirts can be found on the „opus“ blog, see the link below. The blog article points out the characteristics which make TENCEL® ideal for denims as well as the fact that TENCEL® is a very eco-friendly fiber.