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DreamFit TENCEL® Quilted Sheet Ensemble

Video: Copywriter Tim explains the benefits and features of the DreamFit TENCEL® Quilted Sheet Ensemble.

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Interview With Eco-Fashion Pioneer Marci Zaroff: TENCEL® Instead of Bamboo

In an interview for Messe Frankfurt, Eco-Fashion pioneer Marci Zaroff names TENCEL®/ECOlyptus amongst other innovative and eco-friendly fibers as one of the most interesting influences on eco-fashion. Besides she recommends the industry to work more with fibers such as certified organic cotton and TENCEL® instead of bamboo or rayon.

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Duvet TENCEL® Duo Quilted Bed from Betty

Filling: 50% super-soft TENCEL®, 50% Polyester. Duvet: fine TENCEL®-satin, 100% TENCEL®. Seen on:



Cotton & TENCEL® – A Natural Connection

Cotton & TENCEL® – a natural connection: The two fibers, TENCEL® and cotton, are ideal partners. They go together perfectly and enhance each other with their properties. Both fibers are from Nature and possess similar properties such as good breathing properties. A blend with 30% TENCEL® gives cotton fabrics a new definition.

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Amber Valletta is the Face of H&M’s 2014 Conscious Collection

Moveover, Vanessa Paradis. H&M has just unveiled supermodel Amber Valletta as the latest face of its Conscious Collection label-within-a-label, which features planet-friendlier materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. Valletta, who recently curated a series of sustainable looks for Yooxygen, arrived at the Hollywood Press Association/InStyle event Thursday in an H&M Conscious kimono dress composed of TENCEL® and organic silk.

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Roll Neck Shirt Tencel Ski Austria

Functional and made from TENCEL®, seen on:



Blouse Made from TENCEL®

Blouse made from TENCEL® from mi.wai eco fashion / L´Herbe Rouge, seen on:



Hefel Tencel®-Downs Special Winter Blanket

Hefel Tencel®-Downs special winter blanket seen on:



Mattress Fabrics TENCEL®

Mattress fabric TENCEL®, quilted, seen on:



Video: Interview at Kingpin Show NYC with Zhennan Guo, Zhonghe Group, China

Interview Kingpin New York with Zhennan Guo, Zhonghe Group, China, at. Kingpin Show, New York, July 16-17, 2013. Fabric makers explain why they are using TENCEL® in denim. You will find the interview with Zhennan Guo, Zhonghe Group, China, here.

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