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Merry Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noël! Buon Natale! 圣诞快乐 !

Baby-Maexchen Sleeping Bag System TENCEL®-Jersey

Baby- Maexchen Sleeping Bag System “Baby-Maexchen®” TENCEL®-Jersey, seen on:



Crossing Fashion Sustainable Sri Lanka 2013

Crossing Fashion is a project dedicated to cultural exchange at the textile level. Fashion design transports many cultural aspects and endorses intercultural dialogue. In 2013, the project went to Sri Lanka. At last year´s project workshop organized together with the design-academy Colombo, three Austrian fashion designers came to Colombo bringing innovative Austrian textiles/fabrics from Austria with them such as loden, linen and TENCEL®.


Video: Why Is Tejidos Rojo Using TENCEL®?

Panos Sofianos of the innovative Spanish company Tejidos Royo explains why they use TENCEL® for denim fabrics.

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UK: M&S and SDCE Team Up on Staining Test Fabric

A new multifibre adjacent fabric to test the staining performance of different fibres has been developed by UK retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) in partnership with SDC Enterprises: The SDCE Multifibre replaces an acetate component with Lyocell (TENCEL®), which is more appropriate to fibres found in modern apparel fabrics. The existing multifibre fabrics (DW type), approved for use in M&S accredited testing, contain an acetate component considered to be no longer commercially relevant.

“Extensive testing has confirmed that the specific, regenerated cellulose fibre selected, the Lyocell component, provides an optimum level of staining to accurately predict the staining performance of the principal types of regenerated cellulose (Lyocell, Modal and viscose) and their blends,” SDC said.

“The testing also demonstrated that the substitution of the acetate fibre with a Lyocell fibre does not, in any way, alter the staining performance of the other five fibre components.”

SDCE Multifibre LyoW is believed to be the first major development of a multifibre adjacent fabric since SDCE Multifibre DW was introduced in 1987. The use of SDCE Multifibre LyoW will be exclusively for M&S test methods and M&S accredited laboratories.



Amber Valletta – Face of H&M’s Conscious Collections for Spring

H&M is continuing its commitment to more sustainable fashion with two new collections – Conscious and Conscious Exclusive – in stores from April 10, 2014. Both collections will star supermodel Amber Valletta, known for her interest in sustainability. The Conscious collection contains key fashion pieces, each made from materials that are more sustainable, such as 100 percent recycled cotton, TENCEL® and hemp. It will be available in all H&M stores that carry womenswear, as well as online.

Soft Jeans-Dress with Belt

Soft jeans dress with belt by ESPRIT / TENCEL® Denim, seen on:



TENCEL® for Industrial Laundry

Workwear is dominated by polyester and cotton fibers and now TENCEL® is taking the world of work by storm. The high-tech fiber from Nature is ideal for workwear. Wearers appreciate the wear comfort and naturalness of TENCEL® in many professional fields.

Professional use: Innovative workwear is made of TENCEL®. The fiber brings nature and functionality to textiles. Properties such as the optimum moisture absorption, reduced bacterial growth and the very best skin-sensory attributes guarantee the wearer a top performance throughout the work day. And now a new dimension can be added to this: TENCEL® workwear for industrial laundry. Applications in industrial laundry demand a high durability of the material in use. TENCEL® offers the highest fiber strengths and is, therefore, robust which makes it suitable for use in industrial laundry.



Video: The Benefits of TENCEL® Fabric

Lenzing Fibers Project Manager Tom Burrow discusses the performance, aesthetic and environmental benefits of TENCEL®, a synthetic cellulose fiber derived from sustainably grown trees.

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Bedlinen Made From TENCEL® and Virgin Sheep´s Wool

Duvets and bedlinen made from TENCEL® and virgin sheep´s wool: ideal and skin-friendly for people suffering from allergies, offering an optimum warming effect. Seen on: