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Flap Trousers Kermel/Lenzing FR®

latzhoseFBLenzing FR® offers protection against heat and flames in a variety of different applications. Lenzing FR® protects against heat stress. Around the world Lenzing FR® sets the standard for quality among cellulose fibers with an incorporated FR agent. Only Lenzing FR® is produced using the Lenzing Modal® process. This ensures that the very highest fiber tenacities are obtained and enables permanent protection for the garment’s lifetime.
Flap trousers Kermel/Lenzing FR®, 50% Lenzing FR®, comfortable wearing, easy to care, thermo-stable, 5cm long reflective strips on each leg, seen on:



Lenzing Firemen´s Duty Gear Renewed with Lenzing FR®

Lenzing´s Firemen represent the first fire brigade in Austria to receive their new duty gear with the exterior layer also made from fire-resistant Lenzing FR®. Over the last years Lenzing´s firemen were able to test this gear which is highly convincing because of its high breathability and high wear comfort.

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Video: Lenzing FR® Metal Splash Test

Lenzing FR® splash test with liquid aluminium comparing Lenzing FR® to FRT Cotton.

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LITRAX’ Warming Technology L2 Wins ISPO „TOP 5 FIBER INNOVATIONS“ Award.

Nanotechnology maker LITRAX announces today that its L2 fiber & filament technology has been nominated as a WINNER at ISPO 2013 in Munich to be among the „TOP 5 FIBRES INNOVATION“ for the fall/winter season 2014/15. L2 technology creates enhanced and rapid thermal insulation, heat storage and reemission. It further enhances blood circulation, thus stimulating cellular metabolism with its associated beneficial health effects. The technology, used both in filaments, fibers and layers, is designed for high performance sportswear, sleepwear, workwear, garments or underwear. Garments made with L2 THERMO have insulation properties and rapid warming from an increase of +5°C to over an amazing +22°Celsius, depending on the percentage of L2 master batches used in virgin materials.

Tani-Collection with TENCEL® C

For their fall/winter collection 2012/2013 Tani presents their new underwear line „skin C thermal“ – a blend of TENCEL® C with Supima Cotton. TENCEL® C supports the thermal properties of the long sleeves and leggings with its skin care attributes based on the oceanic polymer of Chitosan.

YKK Flame-Retardant Zipper from Lenzing FR®

The flame retardant Vislon® YKK-zipper with a Lenzing FR® strap is brilliantly suited to protective wear. The combination of the advantages of flame-retardant zipper elements made from polyamide with cellulose straps based on aramide/Modal fibers gives a solid protection from heat and flames combined with simple handling. Aside from these special characteristics, Vislon® shows an excellent structural integrity due to the unique characteristics of the Lenzing FR® fiber.

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Lenzing Modal – A Man´s Best Friend…

We could point out a lot of fantastic characteristics of Lenzing Modal – and we are keen to do so. But there is one we at Lenzing did not think of yet: what Lenzing Modal can do for men in combination with the design of underwear-designer Obviously. As they say on their webpage with regard to their designed underwear made of Lenzing Modal: “Obviously’s unique design is non-restrictive of testicle movement and significantly reduces the heat build-up of regular underwear which has been linked to reduced sperm count, the reduced swimming ability of sperm, and a decrease in the DNA quality of sperm. So why risk it?“ What more can we add.


Impressions/Video from Jungle Jam Event 2012

The Jungle Jam Event that took place in Voecklabruck/Austria – the participating athletes were equipped with TENCEL® T-shirts – features competitions in freeruning, parcour, gymnastics, sports aerobic and other trend sports.


Lenzing FR® Color – Protection and Color United to Perfection

The flame and heat protection fiber Lenzing FR® is also available as a spinneret-dyed variant.

The flameproof finish is permanently fixed in the fiber and offers protection from heat in a range of different work areas. A dyestuff has now been successfully integrated into the fiber. With Lenzing FR® Color, the color stays where it should– in the textile. No bleeding out of the fiber takes place. The color stays in the fabric and does not dye the wash bath as is the case with conventional textiles. Dye fastness is an advantage for the textile production chain as a whole and the wearer also benefits. Lenzing FR® Color offers protection and color in one.


Attention, Marathon Runners! Sports Compression Socks with TENCEL C®

Sports Compression Socks with TENCEL® C are now available (but at the moment only in Switzerland). The socks will soon have their debut at the Zurich Marathon as “Recovery Socks”. The new socks provide all the known characteristics of TENCEL® C to the marathon runners, as there is a skin-friendly and temperature-regulating performance – for sure a great criterion for marathon runners.