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Valleyforge Mattresses

valley-forge-fabricsFBValleyforge-mattresses: A funny video showing just what their mattresses made from Tencel+Plus®Lyocell can do for your comfort.

Valleyforge Bed-Bug-Mattresses

J and the Beanstalk

Valley Forge interpretes the story new:

J and the Beanstalk episode 1“We all know the story of Jack, the desperate young man who traded his family’s cow for some magic beans and grew a beanstalk into the sky. Jack thought differently than other people and saw possibility, and even opportunity, where others saw just hard times.

Today, Jack’s great-great-great-great grandson, “J.” also lives in a difficult time. People are worried about trying to make ends meet in a rough economy while trying to do the right thing for the environment. J, who works at Valley Forge Fabrics, proves that the bean doesn’t fall far from the beanstalk when he follows his ancestor’s example of ingenuity to create opportunity.”

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