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„50 Shades of MicroModal®“ – Zimmerli Boxer-Shorts in 50 Shades of Grey

FB_shadesofgreyChristian Grey wears Zimmerli MicroModal® boxer shorts in „50 Shades of Grey“: Right in the first „tingly“ scene of „50 Shades of Grey” a „special star rules the scene“: A „186 Piqué Como Pant“ boxer shorts from Swiss underwear-producer Zimmerli made from MicroModal® can be seen. „It just felt right“, quote from Mark Bridges, costume designer of „50 Shades of Grey“.

Link to Zimmerli Press Release (German only)


Mount Vernon FRs AMTEX TC Fabrics Blends TENCEL® And Cotton

FB_MountVernonMount Vernon FR has announced its newest innovation in the flame-resistant fabric industry, AMTEX TC. Currently offered in 7.9-ounce and 8.4-ounce twill, AMTEX TC fabrics are a collection of cotton and TENCEL® blends that increase both comfort and durability without sacrificing the protection demands of the FR industry, says the manufacturer. One of the primary fibers in AMTEX TC fabrics, TENCEL®, is a cellulosic fiber similar to cotton, but with added strength to create protective fabrics that withstand tough jobs. Despite their strength, AMTEX TC fabrics feel lighter than they actually are, which enhances the comfort of garments made with the fabric. Enhanced comfort increases the probability workers will wear garments correctly, and reduces the risk of injury due to improper wear, says Mount Vernon FR.



Bulwark Is Adopting FR TENCEL® And Cotton Denim Jeans From Mount Vernon FR

bedFBMount Vernon FR continues to expand its selection and variety of flame resistant (FR) denim fabrics with the introduction of Phoenix TC denim. Phoenix TC denim is a new TENCEL® and cotton blend, developed to enhance the softness and comfort of FR jeans without a tradeoff in durability. Bulwark, a leading manufacturer of FR apparel, is adopting this new technology in upcoming denim jeans.

 TENCEL®and cotton are ideal partners for denim.

Despite the added strength, denim made with TENCEL® feels lighter than its true weight. The smooth surface of TENCEL® makes fabrics inherently softer and more comfortable without the reliance on chemical softeners, which may not be durable.

“We are committed to designing, developing and distributing the best FR garments, without compromise,” says Robert Grimes, Managing Director for Bulwark. “Phoenix TC denim adds a greater level of comfort to the durability and protection that are expected from our FR denim jeans. Bulwark garments made with Phoenix TC denim will be a great option for our electric utility and oil and gas customers, and they will provide real solutions to some of the challenges being faced by safety professionals.”


Protect Your BrandTM – Fireguard® Green

fireguardFBProtect your customers, protect the environment, Protect Your BrandTM – that’s what Firegard® Green is all about.

Springs Creative has engineered Firegard® Green to provide all the performance and comfort of Firegard® with a new level of environmental protection. The heart of Firegard® Green is a new fire-resistant TENCEL® fiber developed by Lenzing. Derived from sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees, the fiber is made using an environmentally-friendly closed-loop fiber spinning system. But we didn’t stop there. Firegard® Green is UL GREENGUARD and UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified, meaning it has been tested for thousands of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and been found not to contribute to poor indoor air quality. Firegard® Green is one more way you can Protect Your BrandTM – and your customers.


TENCEL® and Lenzing FR®

FRtestsThe first models of TENCEL® combined with Lenzing FR® are currently being tested at Lenzing.

BP Clothing: Waist Jackets and Flap Trousers FR®

BP. Clothing offers a small collection of waist jackets and overalls made from Lenzing FR®.

BP02 BP01

BP04 BP03

FDIC, Indianapolis

fdicFBLet us kindly invite you to visit us at FDIC, Indianapolis, April 07th – 12th, 2014. Get to know Lenzing FR® in wildland firefighting applications and visit us at: FDIC – Booth: 1600.

Lenzing FR® for heroes: Protective clothing for wildland fire fighters has to meet strict requirements. The cellulose fiber Lenzing FR® offers the best protection against flames and heat combined with breathability and wear comfort. Lenzing FR® protects the heroes who protect our land.


Lenzing Firemen´s Duty Gear Renewed with Lenzing FR®

Lenzing´s Firemen represent the first fire brigade in Austria to receive their new duty gear with the exterior layer also made from fire-resistant Lenzing FR®. Over the last years Lenzing´s firemen were able to test this gear which is highly convincing because of its high breathability and high wear comfort.

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TENCEL® for Industrial Laundry

Workwear is dominated by polyester and cotton fibers and now TENCEL® is taking the world of work by storm. The high-tech fiber from Nature is ideal for workwear. Wearers appreciate the wear comfort and naturalness of TENCEL® in many professional fields.

Professional use: Innovative workwear is made of TENCEL®. The fiber brings nature and functionality to textiles. Properties such as the optimum moisture absorption, reduced bacterial growth and the very best skin-sensory attributes guarantee the wearer a top performance throughout the work day. And now a new dimension can be added to this: TENCEL® workwear for industrial laundry. Applications in industrial laundry demand a high durability of the material in use. TENCEL® offers the highest fiber strengths and is, therefore, robust which makes it suitable for use in industrial laundry.



Industrial Laundry: TENCEL® Offers Optimum Values In Use

Industrial laundry: TENCEL® offers optimum values in use and a perfect visual appearance.

At the A+A 2013, the world’s greatest trade show for workwear in Düsseldorf, Lenzing is presenting the cellulose fiber TENCEL® for applications in industrial laundry.

Workwear is generally dominated by polyester and cotton fibers. Workwear options have been extended with the TENCEL® fiber. TENCEL® guarantees innovation and greater sustainability in this segment. As a result of the fiber’s properties, such as the highest strength profile, optimum moisture absorption, reduced bacterial growth and the very best skin-sensory properties, the TENCEL® fiber has made a name for itself in workwear. And now a new dimension can be added to this: TENCEL® workwear in industrial laundry. Workwear demands that materials be durable. TENCEL® satisfies this criterion with its high fiber strength. The fiber is robust and is thus the best choice for applications in industrial laundry when it comes to man-made cellulosics.

Industrial laundry tried and tested: Tests show that a material blend of TENCEL®/polyester is ideal for industrial laundry. This blend guarantees optimum values in use and a professional appearance even after numerous laundry cycles. TENCEL® workwear has an enormous longevity. The extremely good color fastness is striking compared to standard goods, as measurements show.

The drying speed is another advantage. Industrial tests show that TENCEL®/polyester blended fabrics dry up to 25% faster compared to standard fabrics. Energy is saved due to the shorter drying time and processing costs are reduced.

Comfort is essential for the acceptance of workwear by the wearers. Rental service companies tend to use fabrics with a high share of polyester. But the higher the share of synthetic fibers, the more comfort is lost in a garment. With TENCEL® it is possible to develop workwear which is suitable for industrial laundry and also satisfies the wearer’s demand for comfort. With a blend of 35% TENCEL® with polyester, the wearing comfort, in particular the moisture absorption, can be doubled compared to standard fabrics.