Lenzing has developed its own certification system and branding program to detect brand abuse.

The program’s purpose is to give fabric manufacturers, RTW, brand’s and the consumer assurance that they have a quality product from Lenzing. For certification, textiles are tested in the in-house laboratory. If they pass the test, they are issued a certification number. With this number, a manufacturer of ready-made garments can request marketing materials from Lenzing. Lenzing offers hang-tags, labels and stickers for fabrics or products that are made of at least 30% Lenzing fibers (Lenzing Modal® resp. TENCEL®). Two years after certification, a follow-up test is conducted, and within this period Lenzing examines random samples to give customers the highest possible quality assurance. The use of Lenzing brands can be expensive. If a textile mislabeled with Lenzing fibers is discovered, certification is immediately withdrawn (if available). Legal steps are taken in the case of brand abuse because the unlawful use of Lenzing brands is a minor offence.